Saturday, August 2, 2014

Muse Challenge #78


this was my inspiration:

This is my muse card. I met Bev last fall when I was visiting my aunt with my mom. Bev's a nice lady.  For this card I focused on the colors and the frame. I used photo booth from neat and tangled and face it from the alley way stamps. 


  1. Love this funny take on this week's Muse! Glad you joined us! Love Momxx

  2. What a fun take on Bev's card! I makes me smile!

  3. I LOVE THIS Kate!!!! What a brilliant take on my little card! Instead of one large frame, you've got four fun-filled frames. AND...stamped sequins; that's also rather brilliant. You, dear girl, are quite a good card maker. This is just fantastic! Thanks for the super CASE and kind words about me. You've made my day!!! Bev

  4. Good idea and also very funny!


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